Charcoal Wood Chain, Large Link (Atlas Market)

by Bloomist

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We designed these handmade, salvaged wood chains with Bloomist collaborator and avid chain collector, Hilary Robertson.  Inspired by the centuries old Japanese technique of charring “Sugi” wood, these oversize pieces add natural drama to still lifes. Display them coiled in a tableaux or on a shelf. Skilled artisans carve and char each chain, so natural variations and markings will occur. ABOUT ATUTO Atuto founder, Holland Millis, has worked with skilled craft-workers in Honduras for decades. A former Peace Corps volunteer from North Carolina, he leads the Atuto group in Sabanagrande, Honduras, which produces pieces made from clay, metal, stone, fiber, and wood. (More...) MATERIAL: Salvaged Wood DIMENSIONS: 3-link: 27"L x 8"W x 2"D5-link: 42"L x 8"W x 2"D PRODUCT CODE: 3-link: 83106541 5-link: 83106551