Birch White Candle Stand

by Bloomist

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This almond-colored stoneware candle stand is crafted on the potter’s wheel and assembled from two individually hand-thrown pieces. By elevating the candle, the stand provides more flattering light, and also keeps wax from dripping on the table. Pair with the hand-thrown Match Striker. ABOUT BOB DINETZ A member of the Berkeley Potter’s Studio, potter Bob Dinetz hand throws simple, functional forms that proudly display signs of being handmade, like throw rings on the inside, slight variations in size, and unique drips on a glazed surface. Bob’s ceramics range from sensual, curvaceous forms in natural hued glazes to striking vases in dark brown clay. MATERIAL: Stoneware DIMENSIONS: 6.25" H x 3.25" W PRODUCT CODE: 81158226