Bird Vase


by Bloomist

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This zoomorphic shape of a bird is hand-thrown on the wheel by potter Eric Bonnin. Eric crafted 3 versions of this whimsical stoneware Pitcher in small, medium, and tiny. Adopt a “flock” and arrange their “beaks” at different levels. ABOUT ERIC BONNIN  Inspired by the French Decorative Arts movement and the artists and craftsmen working in Vallauris, France during the post-war period, Eric Bonnin has been working in clay since he moved to New York City from Paris in 1994. Eric’s ceramics combine functionality with simple decorative elements and motifs.  Each item is signed with the maker’s mark and the city of origin. Material: Stoneware Dimensions:Small:  3.25" W x 3.75" HMedium: 4" W x 4.25" HLarge: 5.5" W x 6" H PRODUCT CODE: Small: 81156321Medium: 81156331Large: 81156341