Emerald Stone Set Thread Through Earrings


by Pyrrha

Stone set earrings affixed to fine thread through chains provide dramatic, eye-catching sparkle. Adjust the length at which each stone hangs, or mix and match with your favorite stud earrings for a modern, asymmetrical look. PYRRHA Pyrrha signature jewelry is handcrafted using time honored, old-world techniques. Handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada. +DETAILS Sterling silver or bronze stud affixed on sterling silver chains and posts. Bead-set, brilliant cut, conflict free emerald. Comes in an unbleached cotton Pyrrha pouch. +SIZING & DIMENSIONS Stud measures approx. 1/4" x 1/4". Stones measure approx. 2mm. Chain measures 2 1/4‰ۡó? in length.