Half Sphere Terracotta Planter


by Bloomist

These simple terracotta planters are crafted by skilled artisans and are inspired by traditional Tunisian pottery.  When fired, the clay turns terracotta pink, a natural complement and contrast for all shades of green. Plant with succulents, cacti, or kitchen herbs, and place on a sunny windowsill.  ABOUT EKHO DESIGN Ekho founder Monia Rassaa is a Tunisian product designer, potter, and academic who holds a phD in “the regeneration of traditional Nabeul ceramics.”  Monia merges traditional and ancestral cultural influences with a modern sensibility to create utilitarian terracotta objects that have symbolic and historic meaning, and partners with local artisans to craft her designs. MATERIAL: Terracotta DIMENSIONS: 7''DIA x4''H PRODUCT CODE: 81235710