Sage Smudge Stick Small


by Bloomist

White sage (or salvia apiana) has been used in rituals of purification for thousands of years. These white sage sticks are organically grown (and certified) and sustainably harvested in the high desert mountains of San Diego County. The sage is wrapped with decorative tie-dyed hemp string. Light and use as an incense “wand”.   ABOUT WHITE DESERT SAGE Family owned and operated by Ken and Ellen Woodward-Taylor, White Desert Sage is 40-acre ranch where sage grows naturally.  In 2008 Ken and Ellen began cultivating white sage in its native environment and have been creating their own organically grown, sustainably harvested products since. The farm is far enough from urban areas to have fresh air without pollution, and the water has unique minerals which are required for white sage to thrive; water that originally flushed the roots of desert plants before it became part of the natural aquifers in the region. They mindfully monitor their fields and pluck the plants for optimal growth, taking care to never over harvest.  Materials: organic dried white sage, hemp thread Dimensions: 4.5"L, 0.5"Dia Product Code: 83424220