Semi-Precious Stone Charms


by Page sargisson

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These charms can be worn with a chain alone or added to a necklace for a little bit of color.  We also offer many birthstones so a "mom" necklace can be made or just a little reminder of your favorite person's birthday.   6mm Stone Charm in 10KT Gold.  Available in: Amethyst - Purple.  February birthstone Aquamarine - Opaque light blue.  March birthstone  Blue Topaz - Clear light blue.  Sometimes used for March birthstone Chrysoprase - Bright, bright green Druzy (mixed colors) - rough gem stones  - looks like the inside of a geode. Various colors including blue, white, and champagne Garnet - maroon.  January Birthstone Green Tourmaline - Varies from teal greens to dark, velvety hunter greens. October birthstone or could be May birthstone instead of Emerald Iolite - Clear dark blue.  We often use this when wanting to match a blue sapphire Labradorite - Iridescent grey to blue Lapis - Gorgeous blue marble like stone Moonstone - Iridescent white Malachite - Looks like bright green marble Onyx - Black Opal - Iridescent blue.  October's birthstone  Peridot - Light green. August's birthstone Pink Tourmaline - Pink (obviously) October birthstone Rose Quartz - Light, baby pink Rutilated Quartz/Tourmilated Quartz - These stones have gold (Rutilated) or black (Tourmilated) striations in clear quartz.  Could be used as an April birthstone. Star Sapphire - Dark, dark opaque blue with a reflective "star"  September birthstone Turquoise - December birthstone