Tunisian Clay Beads, Small


by Bloomist

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Made in Tunisia, these striking Clay Beads are wood-fired and assembled by hand. Hang on the wall, coil in a bowl, or add a rustic touch to a table-scape. ABOUT SEJNANIA Located in the hills of northern Tunisia, not far from the Mediterranean coastline, Sejnane is not just a town; it’s synonymous with an iconic style of pottery-making. This technique has passed from mother to daughter over the generations, with each artist contributing her own ideas to this collective design language.  (More...) Sejnane pottery was recently classified as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, recognizing its important role in Tunisia's cultural heritage. This award helps protect the skills and subsequently livelihoods of the Sejnane women potters. Material: Clay Dimensions: 24.5"L, 0.75" Round Beads Product Code: 83208320